UBBC at GB Trials

UBBC at GB Trials

Last weekend marked the 1st Assessment for GB Trialists and the first steps in the final year of the Rio 2016 Olympiad. All GB team members were required to attend and so plenty of famous faces descended on Boston, but most interesting to us were our representatives from the University of Birmingham Boat Club: Lotte Morris and James Heal.

As always the Saturday was a 2000m Ergo Test. Lotte has just come back from illness and has begun her Clinical training towards her Medical degree. With all these combined factors her aim was just to make the cut off score so that she could race on the Sunday. After finishing the erg Lotte was fairly destroyed but she had done it, by 2 seconds, and lived to race another day. James followed, surrounded by previous GB U23 and Junior World athletes and put in a score close to last year.


Sunday was an 5000m Water Assessment in the single. James was up first, boating off the Boston RC steps into the fog. He worked hard and gave it all he could. Lotte went off second and she was excited for this race, raring to show off her skills in the single. And very well she did indeed! Lotte has closed the gaps on her competitors over the past 6 months and has an exciting year ahead.

A last shout out for our injured and ill athletes Finn and Lucy.  Both were excited by trials but have been struck with aliments, they will be back when we return to Boston in February to do it all again!

But no time for celebration, they were back on the erg on the Monday morning and 3x6k was on the agenda.